Thursday, September 13, 2007

Earle Swensen's at Vivo City

My colleagues and I had lunch at Earle Swensen's at Vivo City today. I had originally thought it would be just like any other Swensen's, but no - it is supposed to be a "high class" Swensen's, and guess what, "high class" Swensen's doesn't have anything vegetarian on the menu! Oops, sorry, gotta take that back - forgot about the fries, and the ice cream...

Check it out for yourself - Earle Swensen's has its menu online!

The only saving grace was that it has a lovely salad bar, with nice & fresh produce. Trust me, I have been to salad bars in Singapore where the lettuce look pathetic! But not here. I loved the corn, and the Waldorf salad, and a ton of other greens they had in there.

Oh and I forgot to mention that, for lunch on weekdays, they have a set menu which is quite reasonably priced, that actually has one dish I could get - vegetable spaghetti!! Woohoo! That comes with the salad bar, coffee/tea and ice cream, all for $15.90++. Of course the spaghetti portion was also reasonably suited to the price, but I'm not complaining, as I actually already filled myself on the salad before the spaghetti was served.

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